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Here is the answer of your all questions

What is all about?
We are an established Delhi based website which helps people in searching rental rooms/houses/ offices/PGs and also properties for sale available within Delhi. Also if someone wishes to rent out his property, he can do that either by posting it on our site or by just giving a call to us & we will be posting that on our website within 24 hours.

How much do you charge?
Listing for any type of rental accommodation/office/PG is free and we do not charge you even a pie for that.

How much commission are you taking from tenants or landlords? Are you guys working like brokers?
Absolutely not. is established with the aim of elimination of the brokers or middle man from rental transactions. We in fact are giving a fair, better & transparent platform to both tenants and landlords.

How do you guys earn?
We don’t have a plan for now. Just Launched.

So who all will be the visitor to my post?
Thousands of delhiites are searching for rooms, flats, shops, offices & properties every day. Through, they are getting a common platform to view and compare various available options. And all of them will be able to view your post as well.

How do you guys get entries generally?
Major portion of entries we get through posts & phone calls made by people. Apart from that we also have our team gathering data for rental and selling properties throughout Delhi.

What is premier listing at and who all can benefit from this? is already committed to satisfy shelter needs for the people in Delhi. But because of hundreds of rooms, PGs, offices getting added to the list every day; not all posts get seen by the customers.

You can contact us directly at 08619404671 for more details.

I have a small business in Delhi, Can I give my advertisement on Will there be a benefit? what are the charges? is a site specifically designed for the people of Delhi. Our visitors are landlords or tenants of Delhi. We get thousands of such people daily on our site and these people are involved directly with the regular businesses happening in Delhi. When you advertise with us, you are investing your money to reach people of Delhi directly.

With internet revolution and changing generation, advertising scenarios are changing. Contact us here we will get back to you.

We further help you by providing a customized page for your business. Also if you want a heavy advertisement, a website design or anything of that sort; we can do it as per your requirement.

You can contact us directly at 08619404671 and for more details.

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